N-O-R-T-O-N spells Norton

Norton was the Spelling Bee Champion tonight at Mississippi Pizza's Portland Spelling Bee. Greg and I participated, we were numbers 3 and 4. Unfortunately Greg was eliminated on the word "Mazar" (Arabic) and I was eliminated one round later on "Quadrilingual" of all things! I spelled it with an "a" instead of an "i". Darn it! However, it was great fun and Norton the winner was certainly The Raddest Speller there with his white hair, advanced years, serious demeanor, sophisticated well drink-in-hand, and EXEMPLARY SPELLING SKILLS! Hooray for Norton! If I'd had my cell phone with me you could see how dignified he really was. Here is a link to the spelling bee's myspace page. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=143589987
Katherine-with-a-K is the MC and she was perfect for the job. A friendly, quirky librarian-esque woman with great pronunciation. We'll be back to challenge Norton and the other spellers another day, and this time with well-drinks. That's W-E-L-L-D-R-I-N-K-S.


Crabby Amy said…
Yay for you smart spellers! can't say so much for myself however... ;)