Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris

I just finished reading this wonderful little book. It's about a London "char-woman" who has spent her entire life cleaning other peoples' homes, and decides one day that she must have a couture gown from the House of Dior in Paris. She scrimps and saves and does without her tea until she can afford to go. When she arrives this is what she says to Madame Colbert, la directrice du salon, "It's them dresses I want, the expensive ones. Pull yourself together dearie, I've come all the way from London to buy me one of your dresses, and 'aven't any time to waste". There are marvelous descriptions of how the glitterati gather in the inner room to view the collections, of how each piece is numbered as the models walk through the room and the buyers mark the corresponding numbers on their little pads. Then all about how the measurements are taken in the back rooms and the garments made to order for each client. I felt like Mrs. 'Arris, reading all this, imagining my bumpkin self experiencing all that luxury. It's a "My Fair Lady" story, and never gets old!