Lewis and Clark Would Have Kicked Us Out

Here Greg and I are at Fort Clatsop, near Astoria, Oregon. We are dressed in clothing representative of that worn by the expedition of Meriweather Lewis and William Clark (Those buckskins were STINKY.) Lewis and Clark lived here with their expedition team from December 1804 to March 1805. They spent these months repairing gear and waiting out the interminable rain and fog. When they decided to turn and begin the second half of their journey home, they gave the buildings at their camp to the hospitable local chief, Chief Coboway. The indians made better buildings than the white men, they used a sturdy architectural technique of sinking timbers into the ground to insure stability, and made relatively water-tight domiciles without even the benefit of an axe. Just another example of how much better things used to be before we got here.


Crabby Amy said…
You guys look great! did you just go this last week or what? and where was Cora? ;)