Wow! I opened an envelope with my grandmother's handwriting on it, and found this amazing issue of the Santa Monica Evening Outlook from 1969!! She had written my name on the envelope and it was full of things she'd saved for me. This is about the historic landing on the moon by Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins, and describes the liftoff from the moon back to earth. It's so touching and eerie because everything is so ancient...the yellow newspaper pages, the advertisements for new fall looks from Henshey's department store ( "a smart, figure-skimming jumper!"), and other now-historic stories of the day such as Ted Kennedy's car crash that killed a girl named Mary Jo Kopechne. There's a great picture of Buzz Aldrin's wife making a "V is for Victory" sign with her hand when she hears of his safe landing on the moon.
It's also moving to read the earnest declarations of President Nixon when placing a phone call to Niel Armstrong..."As you talk to us from the Sea of Tranquility, it inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquility to earth," Nixon said. "For one priceless moment in the whole history man, all the people on this earth are truly one..."
Here is a sweet picture of Niel Armstrong's parents, proudly waiting for his space ship to splash down again on earth.


Crabby Amy said…
ohh what fun stuff! I love old papers/magazine's/etc.....can't get enough of that kind of thing. Lucky you for having a grandma with that kind of foresight too! ;)