Dr. Fire!

This is Dr. Fire. He might not look like a real firebrand, but ohhhh, he is! Tuesday was "Wood Magic" day at my Place of Employment, and all around the campus there were different stations for school kids to learn about the nature of wood. Dr. Fire's station was by far the best. This grad student guy who calls himself Dr. Fire and is actually named Christophe had two pieces of wood, one treated with chemicals, one not, and a blowtorch. To the delight of the kiddies (and myself) he would blowtorch both pieces and show how only one of them would burn. In reality, both of them caught fire, so he had to say "Ok, imagine that this one isn't burning". Afterwards he pulled out a huge fire extinguisher and blasted them both out with an overabundance of white fog and loud noises. Fun! Then he brought around the still glowing redhot embers to show the kids. DANGER! Fun and Danger, that's Dr. Fire!