You Go, Commissioner Sam!

City Commissioner Sam Adams rules. He is the first city leader I have ever personally known of that speaks to me, making me feel like he's on my side. He cares about what I care about! He is a smart, motivated, creative, forward-thinking person who spearheads interesting and very helpful movements, such as the bio-degradeable plastic bag-only legislation. Also, he is dedicated to the support of pro-civil union legislation, gaining work-related benefits for same sex couples. He is openly gay. Hooray! He has a kick-butt website called and on it exhibits fantastic snapshots of Portland he takes himself. He is also very cute. AND, last but certainly NOT least, he is the big brother of my dear highschool buddy Mike Adams!!!! Mike Adams was such a sweet guy, so quietly funny and smart, I just loved him, and so did all the other girls I knew. You just couldn't go wrong with Mike Adams, he was always friendly and interesting. And I'll never forget how he kept me company once when I was 16 years old and had drunk too much rum. Thank you, Mike Adams. If his brother Sam is half the man that Mike is, and I suspect he is at least that, he's a superhero. Thank you, Commissioner Sam!


Crabby Amy said…
I couldn't agree more...I certainly voted him into office! :)