The Trouble With Trebuchets

Ok, it may be like "shooting nerds in a barrel" as the Willamette Week put it, but we ventured out anyway to see the
sights at the Medieval Fair in Forest Grove. It was the usual SCA fare, maidens, yeomen, friars and jousters, all a bit too serious, wishing each other "good 'morrow" and "fare thee well". We watched as men in full armour slapped each other with broadswords, sung ballads, and launched missiles from trebuchets. At one point a king straight out of Monty Python's The Holy Grail went trotting by, complete with servant behind, clopping coconuts together. The only food available were huge turkey legs, no vegetarian-friendly options, unfortunately, but the turkey legs did look in keeping with the theme.
My daughter asked me politely, "mom, can I have a flail?" ( A flail is like a mini-mace, a very deadly looking weapon, I said no.)
I wish I could have gotten a picture of the pug dog with the white elizabethan ruff around his neck, but I didn't, so the picture of me as a knight and my friend Joe as a maiden will have to do. "Hail friend, well-met", indeed!


scottk said…
I dig the armor, is that Lord Lady Mike Lastra with you?
Diane said…
That's Lady Joe Preston to you, my liege.