Rat Fancy

Here is our beloved Tucker the rat. He is past three years old now, and quite frail. He lives the good life outside his cage, in the cushy cave of my daughter's blankets. Tucker is such a great little guy, always happy to see us and snuggle up for a story. We used to have Maxie, who was also a true-blue friend, but Maxie passed away last summer. We all miss him!
Rats make great pets because they are like tiny dogs. And, like dogs, they need a lot of attention. People tend to leave them in small cages, without the social stimulation they need and love, so they languish and die early. They are intelligent, interactive little people and are a lot of fun. If you decide to get a rat, don't buy them from Petsmart!!! Petsmart is evil and behind closed doors in their backrooms you never see there are many sick and dying small pets. Check the humane society for rats to adopt. They need a second chance and would be terribly grateful.
Rattus Rattus is the latin name for the Black Rat. There is also a manx rat breed that has the hilarious varieties of "stumpy, rumpy, and rumpy riser" within it. Rumpy riser?! What in the heck is that?


Rob said…
I too have been the prowd owner of a few rats in my lifetime. They indeed are SOOO smart and can act so much like dogs. I think my rat Romeo was in his cage only to sleep at night. Otherwise he was allowed to run around the house. Doing that really made him a people friendly rat. I think others are really missing out when they keep any pet in their cages all of the time. YAY FOR RATS!!
Susan Berghorn-Smith said…
Hey Diane!
Why hasn't Anne told me that you have a rat? I live for rats. Well, that and my little family. Tucker is a lucky little boy.