Now Enforce It!

This is the greatest news, Al Gore must be still hungover. THE SUPREME COURT itself has ruled that the EPA has to regulate the emissions of Carbion Dioxide, which of course means regulate the GLOBE-KILLING AUTO INDUSTRY!!!
I think The Supreme Court needs its own Financial Enforcement Team. A non-violent group that can enforce rulings like this one by the purse strings. They could get a grip on Mr. Chrysler's bank account, and for every day the changes aren't made, he loses millions of dollars.
I'm so terribly thrilled about this, I wonder what it really means? Could it be that regular cars could become illegal? Do the polar bears still have a chance?
Here are a couple of "Zap" cars. All electric or ethanol. And such jaunty, futuristic style!


scottk said…
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scottk said…

A little car sure looks cute!

Anyway I'm gonna ride my bike more!

with bushies in power, IPA can 'regulate' all it wants, it's just the requirements will be so lousy nothing will change. i wont be surprised if they present this as republicans' hard work to save the environment come the elections.