The Impeccable Stylings of Mister Adam Arnold

Today I ventured by 8th and Morrison street, to take a picture of my new favorite shopfront, the studio of local design master Adam Arnold. To my delight, the door was open and Mister Adam Arnold himself was there, working his magic and creating his beautiful clothing. Even though I was terribly, unforgiveably underdressed, I screwed up my courage and entered his lovely white studio, to ask if I could take aforementioned photo. Mr. Arnold was as nice and approachable as he was stylish and debonair. He welcomed me in and allowed me to take several photos. As I looked through the deliciously full racks of his recent collections, he explained that he'd been inspired on some of the pieces by peasant clothing, and that was reflected in the macrame knotting he'd added on the front of a lovely navy shortsleeve dress, and in a sand-colored men's vest. The heavier texture of the macrame was a great contrast to the simple, classic silhouette of the clothing.
Mr. Arnold's studio is a dream come true. White, high ceilings, large worktables, patterns and dress forms, and a big chalk board filled with notes and sketches, and various pieces of inspiration. I was thrilled when he suggested I add the web address of my blog there so he could check it later. I was on the board!!!
Adam Arnold is gaining nation-wide recognition for his gorgeous designs. He is also greatly appreciated here, in our fair berg.
Here is what Ultra, a Portland fashion blog, has to say about his work:

"We will readily agree with those who put Adam Arnold in somewhat of a class by himself among Portland fashion designers. He does very sophisticated modern looks for women and men (a rarity among Portland designers) and does it all, sketch-to-stitch, as a one man band with no intention of supersizing his operation. Arnold has refined his overarching statement so that there is no lurching from season to season (like say, the frantic casting about of Marc Jacobs, for example) but a gentle swing that references past work while looking forward, never in a costume-y way. Look once and appreciate Arnold’s aesthetic, his simple, elegant shapes and fine fabrics. Look again and appreciate his workmanship (those porthole pockets!). These are the finest garments being made in Portland."

Merci, Monsieur Arnold, for your hospitality and beautiful vision!