Friday Night Fever

Let's hear it for the Atkinson Elementary's annual carnival! What a blast! Atkinson is a great school. About a third of the student body is hispanic, and there is a spanish immersion program, about a third of the kids are chinese, and there is a chinese immersion program. There are also korean children, vietnamese kids, and russian kids. All the parents and grandparents came, and there was an international dinner served which was DELICIOUS. Far better than the average pizza and hot dogs (gross) that usually accompany such events. We had a great time watching Cora run around with her posse and having the time of her life. Greg volunteered at the Fortune Telling table, and we bought some tickets and did the cake walk. We didn't win, but what a hoot!
I scored some great books at the book sale there, the best being this Abraham Lincoln joke book. It's filled with jokes that Lincoln actually told. Here is an example,

It is said that President Lincoln was walking up Pennsylvania Avenue with Mr. Seward, Secretary of State. Mr. Seward pointed to a sign with the name T.R. STRONG.
"Ha!" said Lincoln. "T R Strong, but coffee are stronger."

And here is the joke about himself that Lincoln liked best of all.He said it was the best story about himself he had ever read in the papers:

Two Quaker women were talking about who would win the war -- President Lincoln for the United States, Jefferson Davis, who was President of the Southern rebel states.
FIRST QUAKER WOMAN: I think Jefferson Davis will win.
SECOND QUAKER WOMAN: Why does thee think so?
FIRST QUAKER WOMAN: Because he is a praying man.
SECOND QUAKER WOMAN: Abraham Lincoln is a praying man too.
FIRST QUAKER WOMAN: Yes, but the Lord will think Abraham is joking.