Amen for Amen

Today I met one of my local heros, Steve Amen. Host of OPB's "Oregon Field Guide", Steve Amen takes viewers all over Oregon from deep inside the sewer systems of Portland, to remote canyons and mountain tops in the wildest parts of the state. I've long admired his knowledgable, friendly and soothing demeanor, and his wardrobe of sporty rain jackets. Today was OPB member day at my Place of Employment, and Steve was there, along with his teenage son and several other OPB TV celebrities. He was kind enough to sign my tee shirt (which I will wear with pride), and let me take his picture. Not everyone was as star struck as I was, however, when I gushed to his son, "Your dad is so cool!" he looked at me like I was nuts and silently shook his head.


Crabby Amy said… was a good day at work, no?! :) I like your current time in France clock....very cool!!
Rob said…
And...the lift was kaput. Sounds like I only miss the FUN days at work ;)
Actually, I sent up Steve's son last year(I think he was one of the first riders that day) Steve himself seemed a bit grumpy last year and wouldn't chat when I tried...Ah well, guess you have to be gorgeous like Diane to get a responce outa him =-)
Crabby Amy said… is Pirate Rob!! and the way you are getting quite the collection of signatures!!
Rob said…
"Pirate Rob" I like that! I'm keeping can't have it back...mine...