Lucky Dog

Sometimes I feel like I live in Shangrila. Between the general gorgeosity of the city and the sublime beauty of the natural spaces, I am completely satisfied. Our local magnificent nature spot is Mt. Tabor. Our house rests at the foot of Mt. Tabor, an extinct volcano, and we take daily trips there to go to the dog park, and catch the incredible view of downtown from atop the Mt. Tabor reservoir. This place is covered in huge pine trees, well-kept trails and is dotted with old water reservoirs that are surrounded by the prettiest wrought iron fences. You can see all around the city from up there, from Mt. Hood to the west hills where the radio tower, my own personal Eiffel Tower, sits.
My big dog Dizzy and my medium-sized dog Emma adore their dogpark-on-a-hill. They tear it up, even in their near-dotage (Dizzy 11, Emma 9-ish). Big dog smiles, tongues lolling, eyes squinty from joy, they happily destroy sticks and lay in the mud.