Les Anges Des Chiens

Greyhounds are exemplary creatures. Soft and careful, they aren't like regular dogs. Their sleek, muscular bodies and small, smooth heads are part of thier amazing physiology and quietly resigned character. Greyhounds don't incite the same desperate fawning of regular dogs...no hurling of themselves at humans, spit flying, tails whipping, tongues lolling and general canine mayem. Greyhounds are quiet, secret almost. They have a message that you might glean from them...in a thousand years. They are Les Anges Des Chiens, or The Angels of Dogs, and we might do well to emulate thier Calm Observance of Things.


Crabby Amy said…
Love the art work!! My cousin actually owns one greyhound and is a foster "mom" to others! I think she has 2 total dogs right now and she calls them her 90 lb. cats because that pretty much sums up their activity level. They are the sweetest dogs imaginable and did a good job recently when her furnace went out on a Saturday night and (a couple of weeks ago, it was cold!) they kept her warm. good doggies!! :)