Happy Birthday, Karl Malden!

Karl Malden, the "workingman's actor" according to some, turns 95 today!! I hope he's having a birthday cake in some nice apartment in Santa Monica, holding up a glass of bubbly to himself. Karl Malden is the greatest. From "A Streetcar Named Desire" to "On the Waterfront" Karl Malden always played the sincere, slightly off-kilter guy who never really gets the girl. Remember the American Express traveler's checks "don't leave home without 'em" catchphrase? I wanted to tell Karl that he not to worry, I wouldn't leave home without 'em. I didn't really know what traveers checks were, back then, and I hoped my mom would follow his instructions. Karl's unflinching sincerity convinced me. He also starred in "The Streets of San Francisco" with Michael Douglas. And, last but CERTAINLY not least, "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure", which I'll just have to rent soon, seeing as it also stars Michael Caine and Sally Field. Exciting!