Chuck Spurgin, Hotrodder

My grandpa (far right) was a pioneer in the world of hotrodding. Together with his buddies Bob Rufi and Bob Giovanini he rebuilt a 1927 Roadster with innovations allowing it to reach unheard-of speeds. These guys designed and built their own parts. They met at the lake beds surrounding the LA area and raced their modified cars. What they did in those years after WWII influenced the art of hot rodding today.
Grandpa didn't stop with cars. He raced sailboats and motorcycles, too. My mom has memories of sailing to Catalina island with her parents and sister, I have memories of sitting on the gas tank of my grandpa's dirt bike and racing after jack rabbits in the Mohave desert. Grandpa was an incredibly resourceful guy, making his own tools and keeping all of his vehicles in pristine, working order. And, as I've already written, he was a GREAT PERSON! Super funny, and sweet, and quite the handsome gent to boot.