Chansons Du Jour

The tunes in my ears that I love the best this month are:

1. California One -- The Decemberists
2. Songbird -- Willie Nelson
3. April in Paris -- Billie Holiday
4. James Bond Theme -- Moby
5. Border Song -- Elton John
6. Sore -- The Valiant Arms
7. Broadway -- Dakota Staton
8. Menilmontant -- Charles Trenet
9. Fell In Love With a Girl -- The White Stripes
10. No Name -- Oswald Five-O

Listening to my teeny ipod xmas present on the bus and downtown is practically a spiritual experience. Sunday mornings are quiet and empty, the old neighborhoods and the river and the light shining off the bridges is sublime. Downtown is lit from the east, the old buildings looking distinguished, the new looking accomplished and sparkly. Sometimes I want to cry, listening to french accordion music and watching the seagulls wheel amongst the architecture.