The 5th Republic

France is having their election in April. Jaques Chirac is finished after two five year-terms as president of the republic. I remember when Francois Mitterand was president, and Jacques was his Prime Minister. Now Mitterand has passed on, Chirac is retiring and there is a new field of candidates. Well, new except for one old dog that won't die...Jean Marie Le Pen, right wing conservative. He's very concerned with keeping France white. I remember when I was a student in Poitiers, we took a bus to Paris for an anti-racism march. There were 100,000 people there that day, and thousands were chanting anti Le Pen slogans. I remember one brilliant moment when the communist party was across the river and they were all holding huge red flags. A cannon went off, scared me to death, and with a yell all the communists took off running up the side of the river, their flags flying back, and the sight and sound from across the river..was stunning.
I can't believe Le Pen is still around and that people support him. Globalization is inevitable though, to a degree, and France will just have to absorb the world's influence. I love the traditional french culture, the language, and I really really miss le Franc and la centime!!! I'm personally very sad that the Euro has taken over and french currency is a thing of the past. But let's be real, Jean Marie Le Pen is a biggoted dinosaur.
Instead, take a look at these two attractive candidates. Segolene Royal, socialist (like Mitterand), and Francois Bayrou, member of union for french democracy, and Chirac's choice. I pick Segolene because she's a lefty, and the first woman head of a party.