5 Bucks To See the Rock

Our child has just begun the time-honored tradition of sleepovers. We have avoided the rampant sleepover culture that began amongst her friends a few years ago, prefering to keep the Child innocent of late nights, sugar binges and other nefarious activities the under 8 crowd get up to. Now we have reluctantly begun to unclench the parental protective force field and allowed the Child to attend a birthday sleepover party. Once decided, we realized with wonder and delight that we had a whole night of childcare. Oh my god, what are we going to do?We decided to head down the street to the Bagdad theater and see a free screening of the Decemberists dvd. Which was marvelous, the day having been 70 degrees the evening was balmy and golden and filled with other people appreciating it. The movie was great, the Decemberists are a dear and talented group of people, and then, not wanting to end the evening so early, we decided to attend a friend's band's cd release party. "Woo Hoo!" we said softly to each other, "look at us go!"
My friend's band is called Ferocious Eagle, and my friend is named Eric. Eric and I play music together too , in our nascent project called The Valiant Arms. But that's another post. This night we were there to support him and soak up some rare live rock and roll.
The Ferocious Eagle was very tight and fast, and perfectly loud and energetic. Eric is the drummer, and I think the most Ferocious Eagle in their aerie. He hits with speed and determination, and in my photo has quite a muscle-y arm to show for it. I had a great time and bought a shirt which is a darling aqua color with, as the singer put it, "a whale vomiting lightning bolts". Ferocious!
The only problem of the whole evening was that I am now too old to drink 4 beers, and so became terribly ill the next day. I told my friend Rob that I felt like I was in highschool, and he said, "honey, if you were in highschool, you'd be doing it again tonight!"


Crabby Amy said…
hee hee ...you blogged about it!! actually it's good you have the hindsight to see you had a totally fab evening...you just had to pay a little extra for it!! :)
Felix Rodriguez said…
Man up! It takes endurance to be fabulous.