The Voodoo that You Do So Well

Tres Shannon is a superstar. The ever-friendly, all-inclusive, larger-than-life creator of Fantastic Events and WorldWide Ambitions is the co-owner of the amazing Voodoo Doughnuts. This shop is not new, but being newish to Portland, I must discuss it. My family and I went in there the other day, and were welcomed by a moustachioed Tres and a..good god! Is that Elvis?! It is!!!! The wacky freaky guy who used to be called Elvis and hang around Tres' OTHER venue of yesteryear, The X-RAY cafe, was there. He was smoking, compulsively, and getting smoke on the doughnuts, but I put it out of my mind and talked to Tres. He mentioned he had put out a compilation of music from the X-RAY cafe, and that there had been a documentary made about those heady times. Old news to some, but not to me. He asked if I was still playing music and when I said yes invited me to "play up there", waving towards the ceiling. I looked "up there" and saw a tiny crawl space above Elvis, where you might put a few plants, or storage boxes. I was confused, but he insisted that bands play there "all the time"! I don't know how, but I'd like to see it.
We carefully chose our doughnuts, Cora asking for a "Portland Creme", and I lamely inquired..."Portland Creme, like BOSTON creme?" and Tres snorted, "Yeah, but BOSTON! WHO NEEDS BOSTON?! BOSTON IS A TERRIBLE PLACE!" of course.
I was glad to see Tres after all these years, he's a swell fellow and an inspiration to all style-lovers, doughnut eaters, and music makers everywhere.