Star Trek Cephalopod

Under water is like outerspace. I think we should spend more money on Oceanography and understanding how to preserve this unbelievably mysterious world. Crazy transparent creatures with no eyes and huge teeth live in the dark deep. The most beautiful and fantastical fish with strange iridescent lanterns on their heads and prehistoric skeletal systems--creatures that give off electric impulses and creatures that can transform in an instant. Then there are the giant creatures: whales. squid. rays. Unbelievable! Plus, some of those giant creatures do the migration thing, which I just can't seem to get over. Grey Whales swim 12,500 miles a year. From Alaska to Mexico. That just seems like super powers, to me. We sure as hell couldn't do it!
This mama squid is cradling about 3,000 eggs in a giant membraneous bag. They found her a whopping 8,200 feet under water. Imagine how dark it is down there, how cold and quiet. And there are giant squid mamas, suspended, holding thier eggs. For six-to-nine months. I'm impressed.