Quail Hash and a Suckling Pig

I think I'll try to make something out of this cookbook tonight. This is the amazing "First Ladies Cookbook" filled with recipes for each president's FAVORITE MEAL. I could serve Greg a plate of Huguenot Torte (Martin Van Buren), or perhaps a helping of Veal Olives and Wine jelly (Thomas Jefferson). However, we are vegetarians. (darn!) Here is a picture of the tantalizing"Quail Hash" that Eisenhower was fond of.It's pictured with some frothy concoction called "Frosted Mint Delight". As for"Tomato Pudding" ...I don't know what to think! I might just try out some nice safe Johnny Cakes from William McKinley's page. It's not every day you get to have breakfast of presidential johnny cakes, after all.
The book says McKinley had an invalid wife that he adored. Before he was president he had his offices across the street from their house so that he could check on his wife. "Every day at 3pm he waved his handkerchief out of the window to her, to be answered by the return greeting of a flutter of white from the Hotel window." Cute! It also says that he let so many tourists walk through the White House that it became quite dirty and at one point his aide said a foot deep behind the radiators was stuffed with "wastepaper, remains of lunches, cigars, cigarettes, and other trash.." Can you imagine that happening today? Sticking the rest of your lunch down behind the White House's radiators?
The book is also extremely interesting because it shows the kitchens and dining rooms of the different presidential homes. I think Ulyssey's Grant's china is the prettiest. I'm kicking myself because my grandmother had replica plates of each presidents' china. All the way up to Reagan. And I didn't take them, WHY OH WHY DIDN'T I TAKE THEM?


Diane said…
update: I did make the McKinley johnnycakes, and they were quite good! The corn meal gives them good texture and there's a half a cup of sugar in them, so they can't help but be sweet. If anyone wants the recipe, I've got it!