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I just got back from Cinema 21 where I saw the first showing of "Northwest Passage: the Birth of Portland's DIY Culture" by Mike Lastra. The movie was great, and the audience was FANTASTIC. The entire cast was there...Fred and Toody Cole, David Corboy from Sado-Nation, that guy from the Oblivion Seekers, that other guy from Smegma...it was an audience of punk rock stars! I stood out in front after the movie and self-conciously rubbernecked, trying to take in all the aging glamour around me. A great reunion, and a very interesting movie. Footage from 1979, of the NeoBoys and the Styphnoids ( really liked them). Only one song from The-greatest-band-from-Oregon-ever The Wipers, but it was a great song! I feel extremely priveledged to have seen the Wipers FIVE times live, seeing as how I was 13 in 1979 I was lucky to have caught them at all by the time I got older. There is some great old Smegma footage, Mike Lastra was quite black-bearded and eye-browed then.
He might be a bit more grey-bearded now, but Mike is still a beatnik gentleman, and I got the chance to say hi when I ran out to the lobby to find a restroom. I said hello and met his young son, Harvey, also a gentleman. I gave Mike the copy of the latest Oswald cd I brought with me. His recording studio, Smegma, was the first place we ever recorded, and that material is the first on the cd. Mike has ever been the supportive artist.
This movie makes me think of the one Matt is making about Eugene's scene. What the hell is it going to be like?! I'm excited to see the final product, and hope the screening at the Bijou is as fun as this one was at Cinema 21.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you enjoyed the movie, it was great.


Steve DeShazer, Styphnoids singer.
scottk said…
where is this playing? Is it still playing? Looks cool, all the pass out kings stuff was done @ lastra's. it was always a pleasure.
Diane said…
First of all, is that really the Styphnoids singer?! Or is someone messing with me? If it IS actually, the Styphnoids' singer, I am so excited!!!! Thank you for reading my blog!
Now as for where the movie is playing..I don't know!It had the one-night only screening at Cinema 21, and now I don't know where it's headed, but here is a link to where ou can buy it. http://www.historicphotoarchive.com/weston/nwpass.htm
Anonymous said…
No messing, I really am that guy. I was googling around to see if there was any buzz and stumbled across your blog.

The big screen thing was a one-night-only deal, sadly.

I've known Mike Lastra for thirty years. It almost pains me to say that. :)

I never thought anyone would care all these years later, let alone make a movie. It's astonishing to me. A copy of our single fetches around eighty bucks these days. I gave away hundreds of them in the early eighties. I only have one left!

Back then, we were lucky to get fifty bucks and some free beer to do a show.

Diane said…
Fifty bucks AND beer? You had it made! Don't you wish you'd hung on to more of those singles? I have a whole roll of unpackaged Oswald Five-O cds, and only one cover. I'm worried I'll lose it and then I'll have to steal back my mom's.
Hey, the Styphnoids should play a show!
Mish said…
hey Steve DeShazer from the Styphnoids, how are you my old friend?

Mish Bondage
Diane said…
Hey Steve DeShazer! I don't know if you'll get this message, but I don't have any other way of contacting you...a nice guy named Karst from the Netherlands is in a punk band called "Rush n' Attack" and wants to cover one of your songs..."Afraid of the Russians". He wonders if you had any lyrics he could read....would you like to contact him? Or have him contact you? His band is on myspace, they're good! Here's a link...http://www.myspace.com/rushnattackyo
Thanks Steve! --Diane
Punkasfvck said…
Was just looking around. Thought I would let you know about Steve. I worked with him. He was the best.

Diane said…
Oh man!!! That is so sad!!! Thank you for the notice Punkasfvck. :( The obit said he died from a reaction to medication, how terrible, and only 57! I'm glad I got to connect with him, however briefly, and even if only online. Take care out there, this year is a bastard! #peace