Let's Get Real!

Ok, people let's get serious. Look at your pet. Who is he? (or she). Do you feel you know them well? That you understand each other? That you can tell to some degree what they are feeling, or needing? Well here's the news: every single animal on the planet has that same comprehension. They may go about their business differently, but they're all basically the same...sentient creatures who have their own lives and desires, whatever they may be. It is a scientific fact that animals suffer, feel fear and pain and loss. They have been documented mourning the death of a mate, or offspring. Animals have complex social systems and some have significant relationships within their community. Animals can also smell hundreds of times better than humans can, can hear better and in some cases see twice as far. Now, take these sensitive, responsive creatures and put them in a factory farm, or a slaughterhouse. It's insupportable. The misery and fear and dread and horror is too much to imagine, yet there they go, every day, by the millions. I, for one, can't take it. I became a vegetarian six years ago, and have never looked back. I used to love eating meat, I loved the way it tasted, and I worried that I couldn't give it up. But after I watched a movie where a pig is killed..and it wouldn't die, and it was shockingly human-looking, I realized I needed to stop. I knew I had to go veggie and so I set out to find the most delicious meat alternatives I could find.We are living in a GREAT time to be a vegetarian. There are all kinds of delicious products out there, and I've done the taste testing. Give it a try! It's fewer calories, less cholesterol, no danger of mad cow disease, or salmonella, and NO ONE HAD TO DIE. Here are some of the top items in my fridge:

1. VEAT! Veat is a product that tastes like very good chicken. It is made of TVP, or Texturized Vegetable Protein. We have found their "Gourmet Bites" to be the best of their line. Add these little tender pieces to anything calling for chicken, I've made pot pie, fake chicken noodle soup, fajitas, even fake chicken salad sandwhich wraps with this delicious stuff.

2. QUORN! Quorn makes all kinds of tasty products. The base is made from something like a mushroom, but tastes exactly like delicious chicken. We love their cutlets and their roast for thanksgiving. It takes NO time to prepare (already cooked!) and is just as good as any turkey I've ever had. Good in sandwiches the next day, too. Recently Quorn came out with a killer cutlet that has gruyere cheese in it. Super fancy goodness.

3. YVES VEGGIE GROUND ROUND! This is like hamburger, not quite as wet and sticky, so if you use it for a "meat" loaf, put a little extra egg in it to hold it together. We love this mixed with taco seasoning for tacos and burritos. Lightly spiced and delicious!

Now for a great recipe you'll all love. For dinner tomorrow, try this amazing Chicken and Alfredo dish. (click to enlarge) Bon Appetit!

Here are some famous vegetarians. You'll find some pretty enlightened individuals on this list. ( I don't know about Eddie Vedder.)

Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Socrates, Plato, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Clive Barker, David Duchovny, Drew Barrymore, Candice Bergen, Kim Basinger, Paul McCartney, Chelsea Clinton, Woody Harrelson, Steve Vai, Eddie Vedder, Lisa Simpson, Hank Aaron, Alec Baldwin, Bryan Adams, Peter Gabriel, Mary Tyler Moore, Leonard Nimoy, Alicia Silverstone, Liv Tyler, Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau.


ann said…
thanks, diane, for helping me shore up my resolve, and with product recommendations, yet!