La sagesse et la vision d'une jeune fille (the wisdom and the vision of a young girl)

My daughter's incredible! From the time she was 3 years old, she's been drawing sheet after sheet of scenes from life. Her grasp of humanity and basic life experience was so much more than you'd ever expect from a 4-8 year-old. Here are some of the pieces from age 4-8. I have kept every single thing she's drawn, and have reams of work. One day I swear to god she'll be famous, and this will be a wealth of early material. (Click on picture to enlarge)


Wow - age 4-8 - they look amazing - I have to agree that she may be famous one day - keep her stimulated and drawing
Crabby Amy said…
Her art is impressive!! Yeah for her!
Crabby Amy said…
oh you changed your colors! Nice! ;)