I Wish I Were a Cephalopod

"Cepha" means head and "Pod" of course means foot, so they are "Headfoots", which describes them pretty well. Cephalopods include octopus, cuttlefish, nautilus and squid. They are like magic! In the beat of one of their THREE hearts, they can change color and texture. If you see it, it really is like magic. On Nova I saw one octopus changing shape and color and texture every few seconds as it floated over different backgrounds. His skin even reproduced the effect of sunlight rippling over the sandy floor. Then, the Octopus floated over some rocks and it became completely rock-colored and jagged. Jagged like a lava rock! Amazing. Finally, this little guy decided to emulated some super poisonous snakes that were notorious for eating Cephalopods. So all of his tentacles became red, white and black striped and stood out at snake like angles from his body.
Then of course there is their ability to squeeze through the tiniest cracks. It's weird to see.( like magic) They almost become liquid as they pour themselves through a thin slit in the rocks. I saw one Octopus see food in a glass bottle, take a tentacle and pop open the cork and reach inside and get the food. Not to mention they're JET PROPELLED and have BLUE blood. They're amazing!!! Here is a link to an interesting site. http://www.thecephalopodpage.org/
This is a tee shirt I made.