He Doesn't Look Like Danny Kaye

Hans Christian Anderson was of course the beloved children's story teller from Denmark. Here is a tiny book originally published in 1805. It is funny, but sometimes a bit too dark for a children's alphabet book. The sunny, punny Hollywood Danny Kaye version of Anderson may not have been a complete picture of who he really was.
The first illustration is quirky and very good advice. It says,"Though your droves of swine you cannot count, you need not on your high horse mount". I should say that to someone sometime. The second is a bit frightening and one you might skip if reading aloud at bedtime to children. "Under Ygdrasil the Gods did dwell. Now the tree is dead, and the Gods as well." Sleep tight!


Crabby Amy said…
such lovely and happy thoughts he left for bedtime. I'm glad I didn't go to bed hearing that when I was a child!!