Elephant Art

Here are some prints I've made of elephants over the years. Elephants are of course completely underrated. In addition to being the largest land animal, they are some of the most intelligent, sensitive and social animals on the planet. They are tender and completely nuturing. They seem a bit human in their skin, with their tender feet and careful, surprisingly coordinated manner. Their bodies are a wonder--the trunk that starts as a rubbery appendage with no muscle tone and develops into an "arm" that can pick the tiniest leaves on the tops of trees, suck up dust and water and spray them 20 feet.The giant tusks can weigh up to 200 pounds. They can travel 100 miles a day if motivated, they can even communicate by a low frequency infrasound,or a deep sonar rumbling in their heads! It can be felt through the ground, by their super sensitive feet! An elephant baby takes almost two years to grow inside its mother, and the mother only has one every five years. Scientists say that elephants are one of only a few species documented to have self-awareness, along with great apes and dophins. (I believe all creatures have some level of self-awareness) Some scientists believe that elephants are descended from an amphibious creature, and that their trunks were used as snorkels! They say that elephants can still swim this way for up to 6 hours. Elephants are marvelous and awe-inspiring. If we lived around elephants we would understand that they are Superb People in their own right, and could teach us a thing or two about ourselves.