Cold Mountain Crows

I'm walking along in the beautiful, stately Laurelhurst Park. One of the many perfect places to walk your dog in this neighborhood. Its paved walkway is winding below huge, leafless trees, the winter sun is warmish, and the ducks are standing on the bank in the sun. It's a very peaceful moment until suddenly a great RACKET comes from the sky! It's an ENORMOUS MURDER OF CROWS. (Aren't flocks of crows referred to as "Murders"?) This particular Murder is made up of about 80 crows and they're all wheeling around a 100 foot Doug Fir. The combination of 80 crow's voices all raised in excitement is quite awe-inspiring. I stop and watch them, they remind me of the scene from Cold Mountain where Nicole Kidman leans backward over a well with a mirror and in the water has a hallucination of Jude Law returning to her amidst a swirling cacophony of crows. Very interesting and beautiful. (sigh). I love you, Jude Law.
Laurelhurst park was created in 1909. It's always reminded me of the park featured in "Make Way For Ducklings", that award winning children's book from the 50's. Here is a picture of some suffragettes meeting in Laurelhurst park. During the 20's and 30's the Rose Queen had her coronation the pond...on the island! And on floating barges and boats, evidently. How pretty that must have been. 1920's Rose Queens on barges! Imagine the hair and the dresses! The 30's had a wonderful style, and thier decor was peerless in its sweet simplicity. I'll bet there were paper lanterns and flowers, wooden decorations and hand-painted boats. Maybe the men wore straw "boaters", it had to have been a charming event.