The 'Zel Bell

When I was 15 and going to a jock highschool (Churchill), I listened to KZEL. I had no idea there was any other kind of music. Punk rock, for me, was yet a year away, and besides, EVERYONE at Churchill listened to KZEL, "Oregon's Best Rock!". KZEL had this promo thing where if you threw a huge party you could call them up and they would come over in their KZEL truck, hauling a huge bell (?), sort of like the Liberty Bell except not old, and much huger, and with thier radio station logo painted on it. This 'Zel Bell would arrive at your party, and would just sit there on its trailer, not ringing, just sitting, and you would party around it. Then the DJ's would broadcast from your rad party. It seems to me like the quickest possible way to attract cops, but whatever. It was a status thing. (this is NOT me in the picture)


John O said…
it is too you! what is more punk rock than the zel bell? nothing, really.