Return of the Rat

So as a lot of you know, a guy named Matt Paden is making a little movie about Eugene music circa 1983-1990. Here is a link to a trailer that features local impressarios as well as a bit of Oswald music. During the process of sorting old material, photos, lyrics, etc, I found this fantastic poster of a Wipers concert at the 3-D Ballroom. You can't see the opening band because my scanner is too small to get the whole thing, but it was E-13, one of the first punk bands in Eugene, and much of the focus of Matt's movie.
The 3-D Ballroom was an amazing place. Located on the corner of 18th and Olive, in a huge house with a basement, it was at that time the best place in town to catch major touring punk bands. I was 16 years old and fresh to the whole idea. I was totally nerdy in my dad's hawaiian shirt and levis, but what I lacked in style I made up for in enthusiasm. Approaching the house at night, hearing the muffled booming of the bands in the basement, seeing the shadowy forms of punks on the steps, made my heart beat faster. But ENTERING this tower of Babel was even more alarming/exhilarating. Packed with the likes of Cathy Birmingham, John Lyons, Ken Sneed and a young, very mod Joe Lewis not to mention the cute ska girls of the time, and a big punkrock girl who shall remain nameless who hated me on sight and called me the ultimate insult of "Wavo!", this place was enthalling. The capper was the amazing sight of South Eugene High School's debate teacher entering, on the arm of some punk gent. A TEACHER WAS HERE?! To participate? Something interesting was definitely within these walls. Speaking of the walls, the basement walls were plastered with 45's of all descriptions. Ceiling to floor, records glued to the walls. And, at least as impressive, a bar. That sold beer for 75 cents TO ME, or mixed drinks for 1.50. Combine all that with performances by the Wipers, Die Kreutzen, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, etc, and you get a potent mix of talent, art, fury and stupidity that could not be ignored.


Bill Z said…
dude, you were totally a wavo! just kidding.

its just impossible to believe that none of it exists anymore - wouldn't it be so great to go back for one night?
Diane said…
yes, I'm starting to feel like my grandma when she mentions the horse and buggy. If we could go back for one night, I wouldn't drink that damned rum Karen smuggled out of her parents' house.
Last night I was watching "100 top Teen Stars" and they mentioned PJ Solles who played Riff Randall. She said "I didn't know anything about the Ramones when I got that part, but after I got to know them I thought, Hey! These guys are pretty good!" I wanted to kill her.