Prithee, Hocketh-thou Not

So a person starts a blog so they can say what they want without boring someone to death in person, right? If I'm going to bore someone to death, it will be when I'm not there. So here of my greatest PET PEEVES. Spitting! Hocking, snarfing, and any otherwise spit-related public behaviours. Let's face it, SPITTERS HAVE NO CLASS. I will never understand what makes people think it's ok to spit on the pavement, on the bushes, on a wall. Do they think other people WANT to see their disgusting spit? Or hear it? Or watch it fly from their mouths? Or come upon it unexpectedly while weeding the garden? It's REVOLTING. And really, makes the spitter seem no better than a dog, pissing on a curb. Is that why they do it? Do spitters spit to mark their territory? Get a grip, people. Nobody's going to steal that corner of the street from you. Nobody is going to think you're not a big shot if you don't spit on that bush. And those lovely folks who go around snarfing up their snot? Give the rest of us a break! Do you think that's an interesting habit? That it gives you something to do? It actually makes you look like a pig, that's it. Ok, rant over. Thank you.