Good morning mesdames et mesieurs!
What a beautiful, pink world it is outside. Briskly, freshly, crisply cold with pink and gold light. Even the seagulls are pink underneath as they fly by. Even the bums have pink-tinged beards. Mt. Hood in the distance is a great pink sentry hovering behind Portland. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It looks a bit like heaven, appearing magically in the distance.
This town has me all wrapped up in its astounding beauty. Every single day I walk around, drinking in the amazing little secrets I find here. Huge, old buildings made of brick with tiny ancient windows surrounded by little brick moldings, crumbling and beautiful. Wood houses with surprising shapes carved into their shingles. Suddenly...a stone church, rising quiet and stately between the houses and trees. Then, an all-white wood church bright and even pink in this light. There's a sign outside saying "All Welcome". Although, I'm not tempted to enter, I'm reassured by this outward sign of tolerance. All welcome! Thank you.
There is art everywhere. I come from a smallish town that has very little accidental art. Here I find mosaic-ed sidewalks, handmade posters on the poles, beautiful store signs, magazines with prints and poetry. And the people!!! They are walking works of art. This neighborhood is full of people with GREAT STYLE. I have never been able to say that before, in my life. I love to see the beautiful girls, boys, women and men who don their hats and boots and bright-colored tights and capes even, and stride down the street like they're on their way to an Important Place. A gallery opening? A runway show? A recording studio? My husband thinks I'm crazy, but sometimes I just want to run up and shake their hand and say, "Do you know how great you look? I'm so impressed!"
Portland was made for me. I am finally here after a lifetime of sweating it out in Eugene. I love Eugene, and it knows I love it, but I was dying on the vine there, waiting for my real life to begin. Thank you gods, for gaining me entry to this moveable feast.


Bill Z said…
Hey Diane! I'm typing fast so I can be the first comment on your new blog!

How come the picture is Paris but the text is how much you love Portland???
Diane said…
Hi Bill! You are the first comment-er! (bells, whistles, confetti)
The picture represents, first my PINK hat (pinkness incarnate) and second, my similar feelings of that day in Paris, taking my own picture in front of la tour Eiffel, and my feelings now, living in Portland.
By the way, do you know how to add other people's links to my blog? I can't figure it out!
ann said…
not to make your comments too zemaned, but....I'll have what you're having!!
love, ann