Nothin' To Prove

In the words of Nick Tucker, "This photo is THE SHIT!" Here is our youth, encapsulated in a nameless basement, insulation-wrapped ducts and xmas lights overhead. We are Oswald Five-O, rocking the house. My future husband, but then great friend, Greg Rios is watching us. This is the center photo of a new cd my dear friend Rob Jones has just released on his Jealous Butcher label. It is a collection of singles that Oswald put out over the years, plus songs from various compilations and previously unreleased material. It ranges from the earliest Oswald recordings from Smegma studios and Gungho Studios to the latest at ProArts and Studio Apocolypse. Years of basements, bars, porch-light songwriting and broken-down vans went into this cd. What resulted is a beautiful mess of unadulterated rock and roll. Get your copy at CD Baby, or a record store near you. xoxo


Bill Z said…
wow you've been posting up a storm! I'm going to have to look more frequently

and that photo is for sure, the shit.