Marc Chagal-ian

Here is some of my daughter's visionary art. This was done when she was four years old. She had then and has now a very clear, concise worldview that uses solid representation and a dream-like interpretation that is as powerful as any art I've ever seen. Since she was very little she's spent hours drawing. Leaning over her work, never speaking or stopping, even when offered a really good snack! She's more dedicated than I ever will be, and much more talented. I'm assembling a book of her work called "The World According to Cora Rios". It will have chapters of categories like "Family Life" and "Music, Beauty and The Dance" and "It's a Girl's World". It will be a major OEUVRE, I'm sure. Look for more of Cora's work on this blog!


Crabby Amy said…
Impressive work Cora!!! Now that is dedication and actually I look forward to seeing more of her work! :)