I Never Liked Dolls

All I can say is, Tom Tierney has done us all BIG favor, creating this amazing book of the Bush family as paper dolls. I found this among my grandmother's things, she is a republican and a big Reagan/Bush supporter. I can only wonder what she meant to do with this book. Give it to me to play with? Show it to her friends? It's sort of embarrassing seeing George Bush in his underwear, and Barbara in her slip. Included in the book is Georgie Jr., Jeb and Noelle Bush as well as many different outfits for the Bushes to wear. Here we have a fancy dress ensemble, complete with an inexplicable electric guitar (?), and weekend attire where he is dressed as a duck hunter, and she is dressed to prune the roses. They're just like reg'lar folk!


Flint said…
It's easy to spot little dubya in the white turtleneck. He has that demonic glower that foreshadows his destiny as planetary destroyer.
Thanks for your recent message to me, and I hope you can listen or download
my latest series of shows,I have amazed even myself.
Of course I would love to see a link to the Hangover (http://sundaymorninghangover.blogspot.com/) blog on your site.
Archives are at http://www.ahammer.com/marctime/.
You have a great site and I love your pic!