George Bush, you make my head hurt!

Ohhhhhh, j'ai mal a tete! That means I have evil in my head, and that's how I feel whenever I see the "president" speak. Actually, whenever I see him, period, because he doesn't even have to speak to give me a headache. All he has to do is STAND THERE, shifting slightly from foot to foot, hunching his shoulders and darting his eyes around to make me want to scream! Orville Redenbacher would be more presidential than this aging frat boy! I haven't been able to watch a presidential address in 61/2 years. I wish to apologize to the world for our unbelievable incompetence in electing this buffoon. It's very popular to dislike this man, now. But what about us who saw through him right from the beginning? We knew then that he was a liar and a cheat! His dad was, and so was Reagan, and so what in the heck else would this guy be? And he says he's so "Pro-Life"!! Well, how Pro-Life is it to send thousands of young men and women to Iraq to be killed, not to mention the thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqi people that are killed? Is it Pro-Life to kill innocent children? He won't let us use stem cells to CURE CANCER, but he'll send children to murder other children. And, piss off the world to the extent that we're all in greater danger than ever before. Nice war on terror, dude. I'll tell you, I'd much rather have a president lie about sex than lie about war.