A Face In the Crowd

A pencil sketch I did for a weekly illustration challenge called "Illustration Friday". Every week this site posts a word that you try to use as an inspiration. The word this particular week was "Buzz". Rather than draw a bee, I drew this crowd of people with the caption, "The buzz of the crowd grew as the hours lengthened". My awesome artist friend Bill Zeman told me about illustration friday. See it for yourself at illustrationfriday.com
And, for the record, there is an AMAZING movie called "A Face In the Crowd", which is by far Andy Griffith's best work. He plays this down home sort of Will Rogers-type character that meets a very young, lovely Patricia Neal and becomes famous. He also becomes horribly corrupt with all the fame and fortune. It's a truly great movie, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. After that incredible role, it's amazing he ever decided to do Matlock.