This is what I wanted to be when I was 8. A young, modern woman who drove a Volkswagon bug and chewed spearmint gum. A girl with endless Elton John 8-tracks playing. A girl with her guy on the beach, headin' back to her groovy pad to wear caftans and watch Match Game. sigh. Then my mom hit the hippy trail and yanked me out of that dream. Hello Northwest! Hello communal living and healthy food and no television. Hello cold, wet forests and endless mountains. Hello great, bearded hippies and naked hippy children. No volkswagon bug, no groovy pad, no spearmint gum, even! Only wah-guru chews and carob. But, had it not been for my mother's adventurous spirit, I would have turned out a shallow, body-obsessed nitwit. So thank you mom! thank you for bringing me to this great, glorious northwest nature wonderland!


Effie said…
In the immortal words of the Carpenters..."We've Only Just Begun, To Live"....the dream may still come true!