the Burned Out Eyes of Tad

I swear to God that Oswald did NOT burn out the eyes and mouth of Tad. We found the poster like this, honest. We played this show in Olympia, which also starred Helmet. Every single person in that audience was under 20, male, and wearing Tad or Helmet t-shirts. Not one single person wanted to see Oswald Five-O, or liked us once they were forced to see us. The feeling of standing in front of all that impatient testosterone, as it got more and more agitated, waiting for the BIG MAN to take the stage, was frightening. We were never so relieved to be done with a show, but it wasn't over. Someone from Bikini Kill slyly whispered to us afterwards that she had a place we could stay, so we gratefully accepted and left that macho hellhole....only to arrive at the girl version. Anti-man literature and vagina art on the wall. Poor Oswald, all we wanted were some friendly faces and perhaps some dinner.