The Better Angels (on cloud 9)

The Better Angels was a band I started in Eugene a couple of years ago and which proudly played all of five gigs. We tried as hard as any band has to keep it together, scheduling around family, work and the continual commute to Salem where two band members lived. However, unless you're 22 and without children, rock bands are extremely difficult to maintain, if not impossible. In order to properly care for your child you just can't stay up late at bars, you know? So, given the limitations of middle age, we called it quits. We did rock though....that's Kevin Walters stage left, Christ Metler stage right, and the inimitable Nick Bean on drums.


Darcy said…
Diane, I LOVE this print! Kevin has long lamented the demise of the Better Angels and holds your music as "the golden standard." Could we order/buy a copy of this? I would love to frame it!

~Darcy, Original Better Angels groupie
Diane said…
I will give you one! xo Diane