Adam Gopnik, je t'aime!

Adam Gopnik is a great writer. His books, "Paris to the Moon" and "Through The Children's Gate" are intimate views into his experiences living in Paris and New York. Gopnik, like Sherwood Anderson, has a way of describing the most minute of details of the business of living. His descriptions of his children's schools in both cities, their imaginary friends, the French culture, the New York culture of non-practicing jews, the steady decline of the giant department stores, the real reasons behind adult dinner games, make you feel like you've thought these things yourself, before. You nod and smile as you read thinking, "Yes! Yes, he's got it perfectly!" Even though I know nothing of the New York culture of non-practicing jews. He's also incredibly hilarious. He writes of his children, "Olivia (4) was breathing in the joy of another New York fall. One could feel the autumn alteration on the streets: the people in shorts walking one step quicker than they did only two weeks before, the fresh breeze just hinted at in the air blowing into town.
A man went by, a drunk, and called out the loud empty cry of New York rage: "F----- you, a---hole," he hollered, to no one in particular that I could see.
Olivia, having no idea what the words meant, still recognized the familiar cry of her familiar jungle, another sound you always hear back where I come from. Her eyes lit up.
"Daddy," she said, knowing I would share the feeling, almost sighing with the pleasure, "Daddy, aren't you glad to be back in Yew Nork?"