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A Time Between

It's 1:50 am, I've been up since 12:15 - but I don't particularly mind being up tonight - because it's
pouring outside. And it's wonderful! The sound of the rain on a quiet street after this summer's apocalyptic heat, smoke and fire - is pure therapy. I am lying here in my cozy bed with the xmas lights on, tucked up under two beautiful pine trees, listening to the drips and drops and pattering of all that water coming down on the hot, dry ground. I'm imagining the fires in the gorge finally fizzling out and the embers washing away. I know the two pine trees outside my window are guzzling up the water - five months of getting what they need from my hose is a starvation diet, poor things. But today - everyone gets to drink all they want. Thank goodness. 

Along with the rain comes rest, for me. It's been a very long summer, filled with challenges - the back pain, the hot flashes, the book's publication and all the flurry that surrounds that. I feel en…

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