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The Golden Perm

I couldn't believe I hadn't seen this movie before. It stars two of my favorite actors Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum, and even Leonard Nemoy as a kind of swinging psychoanalyst -- which would be reason to watch it alone.

Donald Sutherland (with the worst golden perm ever) and Jeff Goldblum join little Brooke Adams  (a dead ringer for Genvieve Bujold) in the"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" remake of 1978.

How could I have possibly missed this gem?

Well, it turns out that despite the super-star power in the movie, it isn't a gem at all. In fact, boy is it bad.

So we all know the story's premise: that alien life forms come down in the form of spores which turn into large flowering plants that replicate already-existing humans. It's a "get-you-while-you-sleep" kind of thing. When you wake up you're one of them, which honestly didn't seem to be that bad, in my opinon The aliens in their human forms seemed very calm and orderly. No one …

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