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Some More Reviews, and Gratitude

If you can't share your good reviews on your own blog, where can you share them? I apologize for any self-horn tooting going on here, I'm just so proud that two of my favorite and most-highly-respected friends have responded so well to my book. I stumbled upon these reviews from Gary and Tim on Goodreads. Now, I promise I did not ask them to do it, or slip them cash or gifts - it was as much a surprise to me as to anyone, and honestly they mean as much as any award to me.

Gary's amazing review (thank you dear Gary!):

"This book was absolutely fantastic.
In a Middle Reader/YA landscape dominated by dystopian post-apocalyptic futures, sullen paranormal romances, and teenagers that read like 30-year-olds, Bridge of the Gods is a welcome breath of fresh air -- both figuratively and literally, given the amount of time the book spends outside in the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest. It's a historical novel, set in Oregon in the early 1900s; but it's also a wonder…

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