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A Wondrous Day

Wow, it happened. My book is published. The pre-orders are in the air as we speak, winging their way to all you dear folks who placed them. Thank you all so much for being so excited along with me and so supportive! I hope with all my heart that you enjoy the story, and that all of the kids in your lives do, too. On that note - if you do enjoy it, please take a minute to leave a review wherever you can - on Amazon, Goodreads,, Barnes and Noble - anywhere and everywhere! They make a huge difference for people who don't know me. ;)

Yesterday was a culmination of five years of hard work. Four years spent writing the original manuscript and one year spent editing it. To be honest I still don't feel done, I'm still afraid something horribly awkward or silly will jump off the page at me. But I have to stop somewhere, I fear I could go on editing it forever until it was whittled down to nothing, and I would have to start over.

 I learned so much about writing during …

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